As a society, we love cars. We drive them every day, obsess about their looks and performance, and pine over the latest models and concept vehicles. And some of the best places to learn about cars are online on some of the leading car blogs. You can learn about car safety, check out classic cars, see the best rated models, and even learn a thing or two about car maintenance and repair on these leading car blogs.

Jalopink: A fun blog for car enthusiasts, Jalopink shares everything interesting about cars. Whether you're interested in learning about the latest in autonomous vehicles, hearing about epic road trips, or seeing galleries of beautiful new models on the market, Jalopink is a great blog to follow.

The Humble Mechanic: The Humble Mechanic is a real life Volkswagen mechanic sharing his knowledge on working on vehicles, particularly VWs. On this blog, you'll learn about car repairs, tools, and everything automotive.

Autoblog: A firehose of information for everything on wheels, Autoblog is a constantly updated source of news for everything on wheels. On this blog, you'll learn about new cars for sale, news and reviews, even resources for ownership including gas prices, repairs and maintenance, safety, and recalls.

Good Car Bad Car: Love cars and data? Good Car Bad Car brings two worlds together, passionately tracking auto sales data to share sales stats, best sellers, reviews, and a list of the Good 12 cars for the year. You can even read the daily feature on cars you can't have, highlighting the world's most enticing vehicles only available in foreign lands.

Green Car Reports: Drivers interested in green vehicles can check out Green Car Reports. This blog is a great resource for learning about clean driving, with extensive guides, car types, and real green car reviews.

The Truth About Cars: Want the real deal on the car industry? The Truth About Cars shares the latest auto news, reviews, editorials, and podcasts. You'll find posts from real car owners, recall news, even intriguing junkyard finds.

Automotive Addicts: Written for all auto enthusiasts, Automotive Addicts covers everything automotive. You'll see reviews and test drives, head to heads, even exclusive auto enthusiast meetups.

EGM CarTech: Love to learn about the newest upcoming models and concept cars? EGM CarTech specializes in highlighting vehicles fresh off of auto shows, particularly sports cars and green vehicles.

MotorTrend: Long a trusted name in car reviews and news, MotorTrend's blog is a great resource for any car lover. MotorTrend offers highly qualified reviews and editorials on the latest models. Plus, see new concept cars, vehicles getting ready to come to market, even exciting upcoming auction offerings on the MotorTrend blog.

Hemmings Daily: The cars featured on Hemmings may have been produced long ago, but they're still making news. Hemmings highlights vintage vehicles, classic car finds, and even classic cars for sale.

Automoblog: Considered one of the best online resources for learning about cars, Automoblog features reviews, news, photos and videos, and opinions on both new and classic cars. On this blog, you'll enjoy features like live coverage from auto shows and personal reports from test drives on as many cars as possible.

Celebrity Cars Blog: Celebrities, athletes, and other high profile individuals often have exotic and interesting vehicles, and this blog highlights them. See what celebrities are doing with their cars, their latest rides, and vintage vehicles that they've restored.

Asphalt and Rubber: Since 2008, Asphalt and Rubber has offered the latest in motorcycle news and reviews, including the electric motorcycle industry. You'll find sales highlights, racing updates, galleries of models new and old, and all things motorcycle on Asphalt and Rubber.

Don't Get Wrenched: As much as we'd all love to see fair treatment for all at the mechanic shop, the fact is that sometimes, women don't get the service they deserve for their vehicles. Don't Get Wrenched explains how both women and men can avoid mistreatment in auto repair by becoming more informed customers.

Cartype: Dubbed a museum of automobile typography, Cartype combines a love of vehicles and type. You'll see emblems, hood ornaments, and other interesting design elements on vehicles on the Cartype blog.

RallyWays: RallyWays is a car blog for visual people. Featuring original car photography, this automotive enthusiast blog shares engaging, interesting stories on car culture. You'll see show cars, daily drivers, super cars, and more, all with original, amazing photos.

Car Talk: The blog of a popular NPR show that ceased production in 2012, Car Talk keeps the show alive with humorous answers and advice for car questions, discussions on vehicles, and more.

Best Cars Blog: From U.S. News and World Report, the Best Cars Blog obsessively chronicles the leading vehicles in every category. Learn about the best SUVs, deals, and advice for buying a car on this blog.

Ridelust: Ridelust celebrates the love of vehicles with videos, car reviews, event coverage, even rants and raves. They highlight collectible investments in classic cars, plus eBay deals of the week on classic vehicles. The blog also shares updates on the car industry, such as developments in autonomous vehicles and the world's most legendary races.

Subcompact Culture: Subcompacts aren't just cars, they're a way of life. This small car blog celebrates subcompacts, highlighting the miniature vehicles with news, reviews, trends, and updates on the subcompact lifestyle.

TopSpeed: You could say that TopSpeed is a bit obsessed with things that go. With car news, the latest car reviews, updates on auto shows, even car games, TopSpeed has you covered on all things automotive.

The Safe Driver: An excellent resource for every defensive driver, The Safe Driver blog offers regular updates and resources for driving safely. Learn about winter driving survival kits, driving in less than ideal conditions, dealing with road rage, and more.

Popular Mechanics: Well known for the latest information in everything technology, Popular Mechanics highlights innovations in automobiles. You'll see interesting vehicles in The Showroom, advice for buying a car, and tips for safely maintaining your vehicles.

Know Your Parts: Know Your Parts encourages car owners to know what's inside. On this blog, you can learn about product brands, technical guides for installation, diagnostics, and more.

The Family Handyman Automotive: Long trusted for DIY home improvement, The Family Handyman's expertise also extends to vehicle maintenance and repairs. Follow The Family Handyman's automotive blog to learn about routine maintenance, tips, and resources for repairs.